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  • Are neuropsychological evaluations safe during the COVID-19 pandemic?
    Dr. Tan has taken all the steps to ensure you and your child’s safety during in-person testing, including use of masks, adequate space, sanitization of all materials, and frequent hand-washing breaks. All appointment with adults, such as intake and feedback sessions, are conducted via telehealth using a HIPAA-secure telehealth platform. Your safety and comfort is his top priority.
  • How do I schedule an evaluation?
    Click on the Contact button and leave your name, contact information, and information about how Dr. Tan can help. You will hear back regarding the necessary paperwork to start the evaluation process.
  • How much does an evaluation cost?
    Dr. Tan’s typical rate for services is $300 per hour. For neuropsychological evaluations, payment of a non-refundable $300 flat fee is required to reserve a time for the initial consultation appointment. The fee will go toward the total cost of the evaluation if it is determined that a full evaluation would be helpful. At the time of the testing session, the remainder of the full evaluation will be due. Please contact Dr. Tan for more specific pricing information.
  • Do you take insurance?
    Dr. Tan is not in network with any insurance company, as his goal is to give you an evaluation that is comprehensive, timely, and confidential. He does not want any decisions about your child’s evaluation to be made by insurance, to make you wait a long time for the report, or to have to provide confidential medical information, which is often the case when working with insurance companies. Dr. Tan is also committed to making sure there are no hidden fees for the evaluation and provides the pricing up front. With that said, many families get some reimbursement for an evaluation from their insurance company, and Dr. Tan will be happy to provide you with all of the documentation needed to file an out-of-network claim. If you would like to pursue this option, please contact your insurance and ask about out-of-network coverage for a neuropsychological evaluation.
  • How do I prepare my child for the evaluation?
    It is important that your child gets adequate sleep the night before and a good breakfast so he will be at his best. They should know that the evaluation will not be a typical doctor’s visit, with no pokes or needles. Instead, they will spend the day doing different kinds of activities, and some of it will feel kind of like school. It may be helpful to express that the evaluation is just to see what they are good at and what things are harder for them, and that nothing is for a grade so they just need to try their best!
  • Do you offer neuropsychological consultations?
    Dr. Tan is happy to offer his initial consultation appointment without an accompanying full evaluation if you simply need help understanding his previous evaluations or educational documentation, or you have a quick question that may not need a full evaluation to answer. The initial consultation appointment can also help you decide if a neuropsychological evaluation is the right next step for your child, and if so, will be included as part of the comprehensive evaluation.
  • Do you offer any additional services?
    Dr. Tan offers speaking appearances and has spoken to a wide range of audiences including parent groups, schools, community groups, professional organizations, and fellow clinicians. He can speak to your group on any number of topics based on his wide-ranging expertise.

Additionally, please contact Dr. Tan for specific inquiries regarding other possible services.

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